• Where do we meet up?

    In the bus station car park (opposite the cinema).
    As all our snowshoe outings take place outside the resort centre, you will be driven from the bus station to the starting point.

  • How do I book?

    Please feel free to contact me directly for any information or booking requests.
    Phone: +33 662458994
    E-mail: raquette.aval@gmail.com

  • What about group ability levels ?

    For maximum satisfaction, groups are carefully designed to bring together people of similar technical skills or physical ability. I much prefer walking with a small close-knit group where everyone is able to progress at their own rate and according to their expectations.

  • What time of year is best?

    From December to the beginning of February the days are shorter but the snow is of better quality. At this time of year the snow-covered mountains, glistening like diamonds under the winter sun, are at their most beautiful.
    From the end of February to April, the days stretch longer into the evenings, the sun becomes hotter and you don't have to wrap up as warmly.

  • What happens if the weather is bad?

    Snowshoe outings are rarely cancelled, circuits are modified to adapt to weather conditions.
    Transformed into an enchanted land beneath the falling snow, picture-postcard mountains provide a breathtaking background to our hike and the hushed stillness is broken only by the snow softly crunching underfoot.
    You seldom feel the cold when you are walking but if need be, we can stop off in a shelter to warm up, or take a different path.

Montagne - neige

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